Member tales: Nurses of the community

APNA member, Josephine Barnes, reflects on International Nurse and Midwife Day about her career journey the nurses of the community.

Australian bushfires: Information for primary health care professionals

Regularly updated national and local resources and news for primary health care professionals dealing with the risk and impact of bushfires this 2020 season.

COVID-19 message from the Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer

Here Australia's Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, Alison McMillan, addresses COVID-19 and provides answers to frequently asked questions.

A private Facebook group just for APNA members

Are you on Facebook? APNA offers its members a private, member-only Facebook group where you can have conversations with your primary health care nurse colleagues. There's lots of nurse-led resources and discussion, so jump on and ask to join this group. We'll check that you're a current member and accept your request.

A rewarding career in aged care with APNA

APNA supports aged care nurses—advice, education, insurance and advocacy to name a few—so that you can enjoy a rewarding career.

Nurse Support

APNA's Nurse Support provides professional advice and guidance to members. Especially during the COVID-19 public health event, we're here to support you.

APNA Workforce Survey

See the results from our latest workforce survey of more than 1,600 primary health care nurses.

Project Managers Wanted

APNA is looking for two people to lead and drive project delivery, overseeing APNA’s varied and dynamic projects aimed at increasing the utilisation of primary health care nurses.

NEW member resource: Nurse Know-How

APNA are proud to present Nurse Know-How, a series of bite-sized education, delivered via video by APNA nurse leaders, to help you in your day-to-day work as a primary health care nurse.

Australian stars join forces to say #ThanksAussieNurses

Here’s a special video for the nurses—the frontline soldiers of the coronavirus pandemic. We see you, we value you, we thank you.

Nurses at the table for healthcare reform

APNA President and veteran of primary health care reform Karen Booth has been appointed by Health Minister Greg Hunt to advise on the development of the Government’s Primary Health Care 10-Year Plan.

What you need to know about coronavirus (COVID-19) for primary health care nurses

Coronavirus information for nurses working in primary health care in Australia

Developing a pandemic protocol for COVID-19

In this article, we cover the stages of a pandemic, processes to consider in your workplace’s pandemic protocol, and additional useful resources to dive into when updating your COVID-19 pandemic protocol.

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APNA President Karen Booth on the Australian Government's telehealth announcement

The coronavirus picture is rapidly unfolding and we're seeing the Government escalate their response to this emergency. The Government's announcement means practices can further extend telehealth services to their local communities. This includes a continuation of chronic disease management and care provided by nurses to people who are increasingly staying home due to coronavirus.

Electronic prescriptions

Electronic prescriptions are coming. Get up to speed with how they work and why this will be a convenient option for patients.

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