New understanding of the biology of PTSD, chronic pain and depression

200 years ago, people thought wound infection was inevitable after trauma. This changed when people started to understand the biology behind infection and now we can significantly reduce the risk of infection and treat it if necessary. We understand the biology of something like infection, and in the same way, we need to understand the biology of post-traumatic neuropsychiatric sequelae so that we can develop tools to identify the disorders and interventions to treat them.

What will Health Care Homes mean for nurses?

Shift the focus away from fee-for-service and focus on preventative care using the team, say integrated care champions.

Nurses' important contribution to Australia's future health system

In the lead up to APNA’s premier event for nurses working in primary health care, Assistant Minister for Health Dr David Gillespie recognises the vital contribution of nurses to Australia’s future health system.

Transition to Practice

It’s recognised that the longer a nurse stays with an organisation the more productive they become. Early results of the Transition to Practice Pilot Program Tranche 1 have indicated it has had a positive influence on nurses’ intentions to remain in the nursing workforce.

Primary Times Autumn 2017 issue out now

Have you received your copy of the Autumn 2017 edition of the Primary Times magazine ?

A tool to help patients prepare for their health appointment

Question Builder is an online tool that can help patients prepare for their health appointment by creating a list of questions to ask the doctor, nurse or specialist. They can print or email the list so it is handy to take to appointments. This preparation will help patients get more out of the time with their health professional and help them remember everything they want to ask.

Hailing nurse innovation: Primary health care nurses have so much to offer

To all nurses working in primary health care and beyond, the Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association says thank you this International Nurses Day 2017.

Medicare moving bulk bill claiming to online only

From 15 May 2017, manual bulk bill assignment of benefit forms will no longer be available on the Medicare website.

Showcasing groundbreaking work from the Choosing Wisely front lines

For some health services, it’s as simple as taking a test off a default order form or adding a pop-up alert when a doctor is ordering one to ask if a patient really needs the test. For others, it’s about deeper cultural change around patient care, addressing doctors’ fears about missing something crucial or being sued, or ambitious opportunities to cut back on patient stays. And one is keeping it interesting and fun, dubbing its Choosing Wisely style program NUTS (for No Unnecessary Tests).

Flu season underway | Influenza prevention module updated

APNA members now have free access to the updated 1-2 hour Influenza Prevention online learning course. The course aims to reduce the burden of influenza in the community by providing you with knowledge for influenza season, and the information contained in this course is aligned with recommendations in the Australian Immunisation Handbook and updated for 2017.

CoNNMO National Priorities

In 2017 CoNNMO has released its National Priorities. These priorities have been established through a rigorous process of collaboration and consultation with the CoNNMO member organisations. They guide contemporary practice and education for our professions.

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