Foundations of general practice nursing workshops

APNA is thrilled to deliver the highly regarded Foundations of General Practice Nursing Workshops Australia-wide.

General practice nursing is a different and unfamiliar environment to other areas of nursing practice.  Developed and facilitated by local nurse leaders, this highly interactive two day workshop will provide an overview of the knowledge and key skills required by nurses new and transitioning into general practice, and those looking for an update.

Up to 12 hours of essential and engaging CPD for primary health care nurses including: Immunisation, Wound Management, Chronic Disease Management, Professional Practice, Health Promotion and much more.

Learning objectives of the two-day workshop

On completion of the workshop, participants will have an understanding of the roles and responsibilities associated with:

The Australian Healthcare System, Health Promotion and Preventative Care

  • The Australian healthcare system and the role of primary health care
  • The general practice environment including financing
  • The health status of Indigenous Australians
  • The role of the practice nurse in the general practice environment
  • Defining health promotion and the determinants of health
  • Preventive activities in general practice

Professional Practice and Professional Development

  • National competency standards and regulatory requirements for nurses
  • Regulatory requirements for nurses
  • Scope of practice using tools such as the National Decision Making Framework
  • Liability, professional indemnity, insurance and mandatory reporting
  • Legislative requirements of National Registration standards

Clinical Assessment and Chronic Disease Management

  • Health checks in general practice
  • The importance of developing your practice based clinical assessment policy 
  • Risk management strategies in clinical assessment
  • The need for appropriate documentation
  • The impact of chronic disease on the individual and on the community
  • Care planning for chronic conditions
  • The practice nurse role in managing chronic conditions

Wound management

  • Acute versus chronic wounds
  • Principles of wound management
  • Dressing products


  • Immunisations in the general practice setting
  • National immunisation program
  • Valid consent
  • Recommended immunisation techniques and procedures, including 
  • post vaccination management and common reactions, management of emergencies such as anaphylaxis
  • Australian Childhood Immunisation Register
  • Management of vaccine: cold chain

Quality and Safety

  • The purpose and process of accreditation and role of the practice nurse
  • Accreditation standards for general practice – including criterion and guidelines
  • Benefits of an effective triage system
  • The various roles in triage within their organisation
  • Opportunities for practice nurse participation in various stages of triage policy

Infection Prevention and Control

  • Infection prevention and infection control for accreditation
  • The nurse’s role in the adoption of quality management processes and  development of infection prevention practice policy

Information management and ehealth 

  • What is meant by information management and eHealth and the interrelationship with the practice nurse
  • The benefits of systems management
  • The benefits of data extraction 

Really enjoyed the workshop. Being very new to Practice Nursing I felt very much like a sponge… I have taken on board Mel Cromarty’s (facilitator) advice not to try and eat the elephant all at once and have just chipped away at some of the information I received and bit by bit I am improving my practice.

The best education I’ve attended since being a Practice Nurse.  Highly recommend.

Very practical.  Picked up a lot of information I can implement straight away.

Re Wound Management session in Adelaide, really enjoyed all the wound types and then all brainstorming answers.  Great to hear other people’s experiences and way they approach things.

Learnt lots – many a different approach that she used made me think how both my patients and myself could get more out of CDM!  Loved it.

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the workshop. Great content, great people. As a new member I think APNA is the best thing ever!

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