Membership is due 31 March. Have you renewed?

Your work as a nurse—a frontline soldier in this global public health event—is more important than ever.

Don't do it alone, let APNA support you as we face the extraordinary year ahead.

All APNA members are due to renew their membership (and insurance if you have cover with us) by 31 March 2020.

Renew online by:

a) logging into your member dashboard; 
b) calling 1300 303 184; 
c) faxing/emailing
this membership form to 03 9322 9599 or

With the global coronavirus pandemic, now more than ever it’s important to have the full support of your peak body behind you and your own professional indemnity cover.

APNA has mobilised and is working full steam ahead (albeit from each of our home offices, #togetherapart) to support nurses on the front line of this public health emergency.

There’s no doubt these are challenging times. But APNA is your lighthouse—your beacon of hope and support—and here’s why you should keep your membership active and renew:

  • Access best-practice advice quickly
    APNA’s Nurse Support Line is a member-only service answered by expert nurse consultants who will be working non-stop to address any professional issues you’re facing—including COVID-19—providing best practice and evidence-based solutions.
  • Stay ahead of industry news
    As we tackle coronavirus, it’s crucial to be up-to-date with an environment that is changing daily. We will supply you with the specific and simplified facts that you need for your day to day work, so you don’t need to wade through the onslaught of information coming at you. We’re talking articles, videos, webinars, podcast episodes—with members receiving priority access.
  • Digitally connect with your nurse peers and leaders 
    The member-only Facebook group is a supportive online nursing community, which provides you with a safe space to share advice and encourage one another. Already there are some hot tips being shared around COVID-19 and how your workplaces plan to manage this epidemic.

Something else to note in your noggin: our professional indemnity insurance includes Medical Malpractice Combined Liability, which means you are covered when working within your scope of practice and registration requirements as a health practitioner.

To be crystal clear, there is no specific exclusion on your policy for infectious diseases including coronavirus (COVID-19)*. In times such as these, APNA cannot encourage you enough to have your own policy—whether it’s with us or another provider.

Now, we want you to get on with what you do best—being a damn good nurse. So here’s two reasons* (*incentives) to get your renewal over and done with by 31 March.

  1. A commemorative pin for International Year of the Nurse and Midwife
    2020 is about acknowledging the unique benefit nurses provide to our healthcare system. And with COVID-19, never have nurses been more visible to our community. Renew on time so we can post your pin and you can wear it loud and proud.
  2. An online learning Ear Cerumen Management course added to your account for free
    APNA has developed an evidence-based, high-quality online course including printable resources to take back to your practice. Where another provider might charge a pretty penny for a course like ours, we’ll provide the course to members FREE when you renew on time.

2020 is the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife and it’s safe to say this will be a year like no other for primary health care nurses.

We want to be by your side as it unfolds and make sure you’re fully equipped for what is to come.

If you have any questions regarding your membership or insurance please call 1300 303 184 or email

We are here for you, even it is from a makeshift home office we've created in our loungeroom where we are demanding our housemate get 'more coffee!' every hour, on the hour* (*he's about ready to snap and throw my French espresso coffee pot over the balcony, that's for sure).

And thank you, for all the incredible work you've done and will be doing across our country. We applaud you.

Renew your membership (and insurance) by logging in online to your member dashboard, click on ‘Manage my membership’ and then hit the orange ‘Renew membership' button.

Or call 1300 303 184 and we’ll renew you over the phone.



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