Building Nurse Capacity - improving patient outcomes

Nursing in Primary Health Care Program 2018 -2022

On 8 May 2018, the Australian Government announced it will help strengthen the role of nurses in delivering primary health to meet the future health care needs of the Australian community. As part of this announcement, ongoing funding for the Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA) was included in the Budget - the "Nursing in Primary Health Care (NiPHC)" Program.

The "Building Nurse Capacity (BNC) - improving patient outcomes" project is part of this program and builds on the work completed in the Enhanced Nurse Clinic (ENC) project—more details below. 


Applications have now closed for the Building Nurse Capacity project - first intake (February 2019)
All applicants for the first intake have been advised of the outcome of their applications 
Applications for Group 2 will open in June 2020


The BNC project will focus on the development of nurse-led (team-based) models of care which improve patient outcomes, in a range of primary health care settings, to increase the capacity of the primary health care team. 

This project will support a maximum of 35 nurses and their primary healthcare organisation, in two 18 month intakes, to implement nurse-led (team-based) models of care. Grant funding will be available for successful applicants. 

Program start dates:

  • Group 1: February 2019 - July 2020 (18 participants)
  • Group 2: October 2020 - March 2022 (17 participants)


Contact Details
For more information call APNA on 1300 303 184 and speak to Linda Govan, Project Manager, or email

APNA’s Enhanced Nurse Clinics project 2016 - 2018 has been completed

Commencing in 2016, APNA’s Enhanced Nurse Clinics project, funded from the Australian Government Department of Health under the Nursing in Primary Health Care Program, supported the establishment of 11 nurse clinics, Australia-wide. These innovative models of care were based in a range of primary health care settings. Eleven sites were selected in metropolitan, rural and remote locations, based on local population health needs. Three sites were selected from the 2014 - 2015 Nursing in General Practice (NiGP) Program after successfully developing models of innovation. The Enhanced Nurse Clinics project was finalised in June 2018.

The Enhanced Nurse Clinic project provided significant learnings to support the uptake of innovative, effective clinical care delivered by nurses within the primary healthcare setting. These include the development of a series of case studies highlighting five nurse clinic models, the development of a modular and replicable process for developing nurse clinics (“the building blocks”) and a range of other resources – all available here on the APNA website. The learnings from the Enhanced Nurse Clinic project will be included in the next project phase of Nursing in Primary Health Care Programme - Building Nurse Capacity Project. 

Enhanced Nurse Clinics 2016-2018

Enhanced Nurse Clinics Sites

Ballan District Health and Care, VIC
Community Owned Health Service, Diabetes
Within the NiGP program, Ballan District Health and Care successfully implemented a nurse led osteoarthritis clinic. The new diabetes clinic will incorporate education and multidisciplinary care for people with diabetes, and completion of the Annual Cycle of Care for type 2 diabetes. 

Junction Place 
Medical Centre, VIC
General Practice, Wound Clinic
Junction Place Medical Centre established a wound clinic under the NiGP program. With funding from the Enhanced Nurse Clinics project, the wound clinic aims to increase their capacity and expertise by: setting up a wound specific consultation room, building the expertise of other staff to provide wound care, developing information systems and marketing the clinic to the local community.

Bluestone Family Medical Centre, VIC
General Practice, Cardiovascular
Bluestone Family Medical centre commenced an asthma clinic during its involvement with the NiGP Program. Bluestone Family Medical Centre has built on this experience by running a new nurse-led cardiovascular clinic.

Ballarat Community Health, VIC
Community Health Service, Dementia
The Memory Health Support Service is a nurse enhanced model of care provided within the general practice at Ballarat Community Health. The service will improve psycho-social and medical care planning for people presenting with cognitive decline and their carers.

Bega Valley Medical Practice, NSW
General Practice, Teen Health
The Teen Clinic provides a free service to local teenagers within the Bega Valley region. At the clinic teenagers have the opportunity to talk with a Registered Nurse about a wide range of medical and non-medical issues, including mental health and sexual health issues.

Carrington Health, VIC
Community Health Service, Hepatitis C
The community based clinic will provide accessible, timely and appropriate treatment to people with hepatitis C. The clinic will support clients to access new treatment (where appropriate), and also prevent further complications and disease progression.

Companion House, ACT
Not-for-Profit Community Organisation, Hepatitis B
The Healthy Liver Clinic will monitor and treat refugees and asylum seekers with chronic hepatitis B. The nurse-led clinic will screen patients for hepatitis B. Those patients diagnosed with hepatitis B will receive education, monitoring, and treatment where indicated.

Correct Care, VIC
Correctional Services, Men’s Health
The Men’s Health and Wellbeing Clinic addresses priority health and wellbeing issues for male prisoners. In this collaborative model, nurses work from agreed evidence based protocols, in partnership with the multidisciplinary health care team.

Kununurra Medical, WA
Aboriginal Development Organisation / General Practice, Diabetes
A diabetes clinic at Kununurra Medical will provide patients with access to a multidisciplinary and culturally appropriate collaborative model of care. There is no dedicated diabetes clinic in Kununurra. Thus, this clinic will provide access to innovative and evidence based diabetes management and care.

Helping Hand, SA
Aged Care, Healthy Ageing
The Primary Health Nursing Clinic for Older People will target older people with complex health needs. The clinic will provide older people with information and pathways to support wellness. The clinic will also support nursing students on clinical placements.

South Coast Primary Care – Worrigee Medical Centre, NSW
General Practice, Mental Illness and Chronic Disease
The ‘SKIP into Life Clinic’ aims to improve the health and wellbeing of people with enduring mental illness by preventing and managing chronic illness through person centred assessment, change management support, wellbeing education, care planning, and  early referral to specialist services.



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