An Orientation for Nurses New to General Practice

 An Orientation for Nurses New to General Practice
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Course Overview

This course provides an understanding of roles, responsibilities and skills necessary for nurses working in the general practice environment. It provides an orientation for nurses new to the setting to better understand their role in the general practice team, and to develop the knowledge and skills specific to general practice. Taken from APNA’s successful face to face workshops, this course gives nurses access to the same materials in an online format.

The content includes:

  • Primary health care and the Australian healthcare system,
  • Professional practice,
  • Professional development,
  • Clinical assessment,
  • Chronic disease management,
  • Wound management,
  • Immunisation,
  • Quality and safety,
  • Scheduling care and triage,
  • Infection prevention and control,
  • Information management and eHealth, and
  • Health promotion and preventative care.

Estimated Duration

Approximately 12 hours


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About the author

Taken from APNA’s successful face-to- face workshops, this course gives nurses access to the same materials in an online format.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module participants will understand the roles and responsibilities associated with:

Primary Healthcare and the Australian Healthcare System

  • the Australian healthcare system and the role of primary health care,
  • the general practice environment including an overview of general practice financing,
  • the health status of Indigenous Australians, and
  • the practice nurse in the general practice environment.

Professional Practice

  • National competency standards,
  • Regulatory requirements for nurses,
  • Scope of practice using tools such as the National Decision Making Framework, and
  • Liability, professional indemnity, insurance and mandatory reporting.

Clinical Assessment

  • Demonstrate an understanding of health checks in general practice,
  • Identify the importance of developing your practice based clinical assessment policy,
  • Consider risk management strategies in clinical assessment, and
  • Identify the need for appropriate documentation.

Chronic Disease Management

  • the impact of chronic disease on the individual and on the community,
  • care planning for chronic conditions, and
  • the practice nurse role in managing chronic conditions.

Wound management

  • acute versus chronic wounds,
  • principles of wound management, and
  • dressing products.


  • immunisations in the general practice setting,
  • national immunisation program,
  • valid consent,
  • recommended immunisation techniques and procedures,
  • post vaccination management and common reactions,
  • management of emergencies such as anaphylaxis,
  • Australian Childhood Immunisation Register,
  • management of vaccine: cold chain, and
  • vaccination for health care workers.

Quality and Safety

  • the purpose and process of accreditation,
  • accreditation standards for general practice - including criterion and guidelines,
  • Safety and Quality Standard 3.1,
  • Practice Equipment Standard 5.2, and
  • the PN role within the accreditation process.


  • benefits of an effective triage system,
  • location of triage support guides,
  • the various roles in triage within their organisation, and
  • opportunities for practice nurse participation in various stages of triage policy.

Information management and ehealth

  • Define what is meant by information management and eHealth,
  • List the benefits of systems management,
  • Understand the benefits of data extraction,
  • Describe the practice nurse role in information management,
  • Identify the interrelationship between eHealth and the nursing role, and
  • Continue to embrace eHealth into your nursing practice and workplace.

Health Promotion and Preventative Care

  • the determinants of health,
  • a definition of health promotion,
  • preventive activities in general practice, and
  • resources for preventive health.

Professional Development

  • legislative requirements of National Registration standards,
  • relevant organisations and professional bodies, and
  • your role in general practice.

Target Audience

Suitable for all nurses looking to work or just starting work in general practice.

What  you'll get

At the completion of each module you will be presented with a brief online assessment that will test your underpinning knowledge.

To fully complete the course and claim your full CPD hours, we recommend you also complete the corresponding survey at the end. It only takes a few minutes to complete.

Once you have completed all sections of the course, a certificate will be available next to the course name in the ‘My Training’ section of APNA Online Learning.



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