APNA Workforce Survey

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APNA has commissioned a national workforce survey annually since 2004, with the aim of equipping nurses working in primary health care with information on the workforce conditions of their profession.

In 2015 APNA reinvigorated its survey tool. Based on a revised methodology to better understand trends in the primary health care nurse workforce over time, the survey built on APNA’s Salary and Conditions Survey (2004–2014) and the Australian Medicare Local Alliance General Practice Nurse National Survey (2012). It was important to maximise the continuity of data collection to enable ongoing analysis of trends over time with a validated primary health care nurse workforce survey instrument.

Collection of this information will enhance APNA’s ability to develop evidence-based policy and programs relating to the primary health care nurse workforce.

The knowledge you give us through this survey helps APNA to advocate and support you and your colleagues. Now more than ever it is important for us to have a good understanding of the capacity, conditions and experience of the primary health care nursing workforce, and we thank the nurses who take part each and every year. Keep an eye on APNA communications to find out how to take part in our next survey.

APNA’s Workforce Survey offers an indication of the average pay and conditions of nurses working in Australia. If you are interested in the minimum pay and conditions for a nurse or worker in Australia please visit our Nurses Award page.







Results of past surveys can be viewed below.




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