APNA Workforce Survey

APNA Workforce Survey 2018: The results are in

The 2018 survey was taken by 2,052 primary health care nurses across Australia. 

The results help us benchmark and understand the conditions and workplace issues that affect workforce. It also offers an indication of the average pay and conditions of nurses working in Australia. 

Your responses have given us great insights and data to advance our profession with policymakers, employers and government


APNA's Workforce Survey

APNA has commissioned a national workforce survey annually since 2004, with the aim of equipping nurses working in primary health care with information on the workforce conditions of their profession.

The APNA Workforce Survey is the only workforce survey exclusively designed for primary health care nurses across Australia.

Collection of this information will enhance APNA’s ability to develop evidence-based policy and programs relating to the primary health care nurse workforce.

APNA’s Workforce Survey offers an indication of the average pay and conditions of nurses working in Australia. If you are interested in the minimum pay and conditions for a nurse or worker in Australia please visit our Nurses Award page.


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  • December 17, 2018 - Amanda Lloyd (1)

    hi APNA, I would be interested to know the spectrum of wages per state. e.g. minimum to maximum. the average wage doesn't really tell us much. we have a team with some 1.1 and 1.2 RNs and then some 2.2 and higher RNs. so it would be interesting to see if the minimum wage for an RN is in line with how we pay, or are we needing to consider reviewing structure of wages. same applied for EN wages. we have a team of ENs who vary significantly in years of experience, scope and knowledge. look forward to hearing from you! Report

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