APNA Workforce Survey

Let’s change how nurses are seen in Australia

With your support, APNA is creating an Australia in which every nurse working in primary health care is valued, visible and respected.

With 1 in 4 nurses underutilised in Australia, it’s time for change

Right now, APNA is working to improve the environment you nurse in, and to raise the profile of nurses who work outside of hospital settings.

Right now, APNA is working with Ministers, Departments, policy makers, PHNs and peak bodies, lobbying for recognition of nurses in policy as drivers of healthcare. We’re making sure that nurses are at the table with government and that the voice of primary health care nurses is heard.

Every nurse who takes part in the APNA Workforce Survey is right next to APNA at that table.

There is one, definitive tool that informs government about the primary health care nursing workforce in Australia – APNA’s Workforce Survey.

Each year thousands of you take the time to contribute to the Survey, and every nurse who takes part increases its impact. Every nurse who completes the Survey helps the nursing voice get louder.

The survey is having an impact. It’s making nurses more visible. The more nurses who complete the survey, the louder we can be. 

How will this help? Well, it’s not just about informing APNA anymore. The APNA Workforce Survey now informs those with power and influence in the health system. 

Nurses are stepping onto a larger stage.

If nurses can be visible, nurses can be respected

With a loud voice, nurses will no longer be the invisible workforce in healthcare. 

And we’ve taken steps to ensure your voice is heard and that you are visible in:

Health policy
The AIHW – the data agency that informs Australia’s health policy decisions – has signed an agreement with APNA to use our Workforce Survey data.

Health research
APNA is working with researchers across Australia to ensure the Workforce Survey informs current research into nursing in Australia.

Health planning
APNA will enable workforce planning agencies and PHNs around Australia who have never had data on nurses to use our Workforce Survey data to inform their planning.

APNA President Karen Booth, as your representative, will be taking this data straight to Health Minister Greg Hunt and Aged Care Minister Richard Colbeck to inform Australia’s Primary Health Care, Aged Care and Prevention Strategies.

Your data directly informs current and future policy 

Ensure that your voice is valued, visible and respected.

Let’s transform Australia’s health system.

The results are in

APNA Workforce Survey 2018, supported by Health Professionals Bank, was taken by 2,052 primary health care nurses across Australia. 

The results help us benchmark and understand the conditions and workplace issues that affect workforce. It also offers an indication of the average pay and conditions of nurses working in Australia. 

Your responses have given us great insights and data to advance our profession with policymakers, employers and government.

Click here to access the summary 

Click here to access the survey infographic

Click here to access the full report (APNA members only)

APNA's Workforce Survey

APNA has commissioned a national workforce survey annually since 2004, with the aim of equipping nurses working in primary health care with information on the workforce conditions of their profession.

The APNA Workforce Survey is the only workforce survey exclusively designed for primary health care nurses across Australia.

Collection of this information will enhance APNA’s ability to develop evidence-based policy and programs relating to the primary health care nurse workforce.

APNA’s Workforce Survey offers an indication of the average pay and conditions of nurses working in Australia. If you are interested in the minimum pay and conditions for a nurse or worker in Australia please visit our Nurses Award page.

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