APNA Digital Health Community of Practice

What is a Community of Practice?

APNA’s Digital Health Community of Practice online communication platform provides an accessible environment in which nurses can share their experiences, develop ideas and increase their knowledge relating to the use of digital health systems and processes within the primary health care environment. Nurses will be provided with practical tips and advice as to how to incorporate My Health Record seamlessly into their daily practice.

Benefits to joining APNA’s Digital Health Community of Practice

  • Access to peer knowledge and expertise in a respectful environment
  • Collaborative learning with others who share a similar working situation
  • Resource sharing and best practice methodologies
  • Enhanced personal development and self-confidence
  • Access to experienced APNA staff to guide engagement, discussion, and support
  • Access to Australian Digital Health Agency educators and subject matter experts

Ready to join? Follow these easy steps

  1. Fill out the application form.
  2. You will receive an email when you have been approved for the group. 
    Click the link and create an account.
  3. Download the Workplace app to your device
    You can also download the Work Chat app
  4. Sign in and get talking

Handy Hint! We all lead busy lives and can miss important information, so here’s a handy hint to stay connected…

Position your Workplace and Workplace Chat icons next to your other social media icons on your device.
Don’t forget to turn on notifications so you won’t miss a thing!

Email notifications can be changed by going to your Settings when logged into Workplace. Go to Notifications in the menu and change the Email settings.


APNA and the Australian Digital Health Agency have collaborated to bring you information about My Health Record, during monthly Nurse DIGEST 2020 sessions.
Nurse DIGEST stands for Nurse DIGital Health Education STrikeforce - see what we did there?
Come on, join the strikeforce today!

View recordings of previous Nurse DIGEST sessions:

View 6 August Nurse DIGEST - Nursing Covid-19 - Viewing My Health Record
View 3 September Nurse DIGEST - Uploading to My Health Record: the nurse's role
View 1 October Nurse DIGEST - Updating My Health Record: is the information you're seeing current?
View 5 November Nurse DIGEST - How do you Use My Health Record in Practice?
View 3 December Nurse DIGEST - Over to You! Panel discussion - Ask the questions you want to know about My Health Record 


Further Education and Resources

Nurse Digest webinar recordings

Discuss the webinar on the My Health Record Community of Practice.
Apply here.

APNA Online Learning

*NEW* My Health Record: Taking your patient care to the next level 
Develop confidence and expand knowledge in the use of My Health Record system for primary health care nurses.

Australian Digital Health Agency Podcast

‘Not Just a Nurse Podcast’ with Angela Ryan from the Australian Digital Health Agency

Australian Digital Health Agency Online Learning

Access My Health Record Online Training here



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