Not Just a Nurse Podcast

In this podcast, APNA's membership duo Murphy Woods and Casey Mannix invite their guests to talk about all things primary health care nursing and some things that have nothing to do with primary health care nursing. So whether you’re not just a nurse, or not a nurse at all, come on the journey with us uncovering ideas, innovation and inspiration—enjoy the ride.

Episode 2: Think outside the box with Robbie Bedbrook

Nurse leader Robbie Bedbrook talks about his serendipitous entry into primary health care, growing in his career with the help of timely mentors, expanding the role of primary health care nurses, embracing his inner Kelly Clarkson, and potentially writing a primary health care spinoff of Grey’s Anatomy.

Registered nurse and current Curator of the Sydney Global Shapers, Robbie has been more than just a busy body, as a voice for young nurses he has truly thought outside the box. Stretching the boundaries of primary health care, he paves the way for other nurses to flex their imagination and redefine their roles.


Episode 1: The privilege of being a nurse with Professor Jill White

Professor Emerita and nurse trailblazer Jill White talks about her journey in nursing, nurse education here in Australia and around the world, leadership by nurses and by women, and about her alternate career as a jazz singer. Recorded at APNA’s national conference on the eve of the Nursing Now Australian launch, Professor White – Global Campaign Board Member – talks about the Nursing Now and Nurse 2022 campaigns and the global challenge for nurses to think outside the health box, to be brave, be assertive, and to do the big picture stuff and the political stuff to get the voice of nurses heard.




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