Clinical Skills and Practice

Clinical Skills and Practice

Article on female genital cutting

Information on female circumcision, also known as female genital cutting or female genital mutilation. Includes FAQ's, health effects and cultural issues. Provided by cohealth.

St John Ambulance first aid course

St John Ambulance Australia provides a range of First Aid courses across the country.

Appointment translation tool

An online tool for health professionals to use with their patients to translate important appointment information into any language

Notification procedure for communicable diseases, TAS

This site provides basic information about the more common notifiable diseases for which surveillance is conducted in Tasmania.

Chronic disease, mental health, socioeconomic disadvantage, where do we begin

Disparity + disadvantage = poor outcomes. THINK! If we do as we have always done then we will get what we have always gotten. Time for change.

Family Planning, NSW

Family Planning NSW is provider of specialist training for doctors, nurses, teachers, community workers and other professionals in the area of reproductive and sexual health.





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