communication and health literacy

Communication and Health Literacy

Obesity, chronic disease and fertility

Comprehend the impact on fertility, pregnancy and birth outcomes of specific chronic diseases such as diabetes, mental health problems, epilepsy, and autoimmune disorders.

Translated health resources

Nurses can search a database for health resources translated to multiple languages. Organisations can also add their resource to their database

Knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding influenza vaccination

An online survey of General Practice Nurses was conducted to ascertain the knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding influenza and influenza vaccination.

Promoting health in prison

Prisoners have higher reported levels of risky behaviours and poorer health. Whilst holding a Men's Health Day is not a new concept in the community, in a prison it was, so there were many unique challenges to overcome.

Health Literacy: Improving communication and participation in health and health care delivery

This course will provide you with opportunities to strengthen your understanding of health literacy and how you can support understanding and participation in health.

Appointment translation tool

An online tool for health professionals to use with their patients to translate important appointment information into any language

Creating a high performing health system: Integrated care in Canterbury, New Zealand

Does this sound familiar: A NZD$17m (AUD$16m) deficit, rapidly rising demand, a hospital frequently in gridlock, an ageing workforce, and shortages of staff? This was Canterbury Health System, New Zealand, in 2007.

What do consumers want from primary health care

Consumers want care that works in partnership with them, their families and their communities, care that puts patient-centred care at the forefront of primary health care.






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