communication and health literacy

Communication and Health Literacy

Additional networking strategies

This presentation from the 2013 APNA Conference is designed to assist you to make contact with your Medicare Local.

Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health

Best place to go for nurses working with refugees and migrants. Multiple resources and information, including workshops

APNA Family Planning Decision Support Tool webinar

This webinar introduces ideas on how to use a new innovative Family Planning decision support tool for nurses working in primary health care in Australia

ASANNA Preceptorship Program: I want the student

This presentation details a program to be launched in 2016 which aims to improve student and preceptor relationships by way of improved education for both parties.

Translated health resources

Nurses can search a database for health resources translated to multiple languages. Organisations can also add their resource to their database

Patient health information: Pregnancy, birth and baby website

Pregnancy, Birth and Baby is a national Australian Government service providing support and information for expecting parents and parents of children, from birth to 5 years of age. Provided by Health Direct Australia.

Consumer perspectives: Disease associated with chronic conditions

This presentation will provide a consumer perspective on the challenges associated with the management of the burden of disease associated with chronic conditions in our current system.


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