Australian Hearing Services

Australian Hearing provides hearing services to clients eligible under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program

Timed up and go test

To determine fall risk and measure progress of balance, sit to stand, and walking.

Barthel Index: Activities of daily living

The Barthel Index is a simple to administer tool for assessing self care and mobility activities of daily living. It is widely used in geriatric assessment settings.

Palliative care guidelines

This website hosts the Palliative Care Guidelines developed by a collaboration of UK Cancer networks, and the Welsh Palliative Care Implementation Group.

Western Australia Centre for Healthy Ageing

WACHA is a leading, clinical research and education Centre that is re-defining ageing research in Western Australia.

Advance Care Planning Australia

Find information and documents about advance care planning that applies in your state or territory.

Nutrition for older persons

In order to achieve the ultimate goal of health ageing and active ageing, WHO has developed a policy framework which focuses on such areas as the challenge of a sex-differential imbalance, and nutrition in older persons.

Medication management reviews

Information on the medication management reviews available for patients in the community or in an aged care facility, on referral from a GP.






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