infectious diseases

Infectious Diseases

Immunisation and pregnancy

Immunisation can protect a pregnant woman and her unborn baby from infectious diseases. Some infectious diseases can cause serious harm to pregnant women or their unborn babies.

Notification procedure for communicable disease surveillance, NT

Under the Notifiable Diseases Act a disease is made notifiable by inclusion on a schedule of notifiable diseases. A disease can be notifiable by doctors or by laboratories (or both) and can be urgent or non-urgent.

Family Planning, NSW

Family Planning NSW is provider of specialist training for doctors, nurses, teachers, community workers and other professionals in the area of reproductive and sexual health.

Adolescent fertility and pregnancy webinar

An overview of adolescent fertility and pregnancy, including strategies to identify at risk young women, the risk taking behaviours and their potential implications on adolescent fertility

ASHM hepatitis C: Your crucial role as a primary health care nurse

Resource providing information about how nurses working in the general practice settings can incorporate hepatitis C care into their existing role. 2014.

National Guidelines For Communicable Diseases in Australia

National Guidelines that provide advice and guidance to public health units in responding to a notifiable disease event

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APNA Conference 2018

APNA Conference 2018


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