nurse clinics

Nurse Clinics

Nurse-led clinics in the UK Sharing experiences with Australia

Nurse-led clinics have grown enormously in the UK since the latter 1990s. Dr Richard Hatchett, a nurse tutor from London, shares the UK's experience with Australian colleagues.

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Nurse clinics in Australian general practice: Planning, implementation and evaluation

This course has been developed to provide nurses with an understanding of the nurse clinic model of care and provide a framework to assist in the planning, implementation and evaluation stages of setting up a nurse clinic.

News: The Bega Teen Clinic

The Bega Teen Clinic is a nurse-led, early intervention model of access to primary health care for teenagers, which sits within existing general practices providing a drop-in service for young people in rural towns and supported by APNA through the Enhanced Nurse Clinics program.

Case studies

Find out how these five nurse clinics were set up in these examples

News: Joint workshop series for practice managers and nurses

Looking for a workshop that focuses on professional management and enhancing team relationships in general practice? Looking for guidance on the state of the workforce, governance, roles, professionalism and risk? APNA and AAPM are jointly delivering a series of workshops throughout Australia.

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APNA Conference 2018

APNA Conference 2018


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